Дариссима (daryssimo) wrote,

Посмотри, как умирают мои мечты

Ben Cocks "So Cold" и кадры из сериала "Королёк - птичка певчая".

Те самые слова и музыка, которые очень точно отражают моё настроение сейчас.

Oh,you can hear me cry
See my dreams all die
From where you're standing
On your own.
It's so quiet here
And I feel so cold
This house no longer
Feels like home.

Oh, when you told me you'd leave
I felt like I couldn't breath
My aching body fell to the floor
Then I called you at home
You said that you weren't alone
I should've known better
Now it hurts much more.

You caused my heart to bleed and
You still owe me a reason
I can't figure out why...
Why I'm alone and freezing
While you're in the bed that she's in
I'm just left alone to cry.
Tags: музыка
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